Sunday, 19 September 2010

I Knew What We Could Do

I grumped.  I was tired of thinking about food, buying food, preparing food, cooking food, clearing up after food and I wanted to run away to the sea before summer completely disappeared. But the météo showed cool and rain for the Med, so I stayed.

And gardened in the sun. And felt better.

And then Tod moved my bike out of the garage while he blocked up the gap in the colombage that sends gales of cold air into our lounge in the evening and I knew what we could do.



  1. What a beautiful place to go bike riding. Can you tell your friend from the USA where that is?
    It seems amazing that your writing is sometimes what I'm thinking. I've had some of those days, "had enough, head ready to explode, and need some relaxation.

  2. Hi Greg, it's the Canal de Garonne, part of the canal system that runs from Toulouse to Bordeaux. It is very beautiful and the tow path is flat so cycling is easy!

  3. Thanks Sue!
    I love the bikes, did you buy them in France or were these something you've had a transported to the new house?
    Sorry for the questions, but your life seems so wonderful.

  4. We just had a biking vacation to Cape Cod which has miles of Rail Trails.
    It always helps to get out on my bike!

  5. How gorgeous - and flat!! That looks really lovely.

  6. It is lovely. And just what I can cope with! We take the bikes to the canal on top of the car and cycle from there. Nothing special about the bikes Greg. Just bought them here in France second hand.