Thursday, 8 April 2010


In a moment of wild folly a few weeks ago I said I'd do a session on Cassini maps to our local newcomers' club - in French.

So over the last few days any moment not taken up with weeding (rain and sun and the weeds are going "whoopee") was spent on putting together a powerpoint presentation and then painfully translating word for word what I was going to say.  An hour of sheer terror when I thought I'd deleted six hours work didn't help.  Thank heavens for the IT section of Total France and a calm suggestion from Debbie: "look in the recycling bin".  Then Yvette and I went through it all in yesterday's French lesson.  I took Tod's slot as well as mine, as our progress was slow.

Anyway I did it last night, to a small friendly audience who seemed to catch some of my enthusiasm for these amazing maps and seemed to understand most of what I said.

So today it's just great to pootle, catching up with gossip on the forums I read, posting to a couple of blogs, including an update on the house restoration.  I can even look with equanimity on the new batch of weeds that I'm sure weren't there yesterday.  I may go out and pull up a few.  Later.

Cassini Maps
And Now the House

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