Sunday, 16 August 2009

No Rain ...

... for the next seven days, the météo chart tells me.

Obviously the few splodgy splashes falling over me this morning as I trudge backwards and forwards with the watering can don't count.

We have a hosepipe ban and most of our plants will have to fend for themselves, but the roses and small kaki tree I planted earlier this year need the occasional soak to keep them going.

Today's lowering grey clouds are respite (and good watering weather) from the fierce bright heat of yesterday. Even last night on the veranda, where we sat over supper with friends, there was no breeze to cool us.

In the dark warmth, as our friends left, we lingered over our goodbyes, looked up at the Milky Way and searched for shooting stars.
After midnight I swam and cooled down enough to sleep easily.
Shooting stars

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