Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Shopping Together

I grump in Castorama in front of the lighting display.

I've found some lights I like for the cottage and he says: "not bad" when I want him to say: "I love them too". So I then wander round looking for lights that I think he will like and that doesn't work either. And he shows me ones he does like and I'm not sure.

Even after twenty-something years this buying things together doesn't get any easier.

Then, after my grump, I decide that as there are two bedrooms, my lighting can go into one and his lighting can go in the other. So he gets a trolley and points out French cafe-style hanging lights that we both agree will look good for the dining area and he's also spotted some wall fitments that will look interesting on the landing.

We've finally managed to choose seven lights together and wheel our trolley out feeling proud of ourselves. Only another sixteen to go.

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