Friday, 13 June 2008

Thirteen Moons

Another grey, wet morning. And we're only eight days away from the longest day!

Despairing posts to Total France from those of us in the south ask if there will ever be a summer this year.

We grab the few hours that are sunny and rush out to mow the lawn (Tod) or weed (me). At least with all this water weeding is easy, just tug and they come out with a plop.

We scan the weather forecasts and plan trips for the odd days that promise better weather: Mont-de-Marsan last week and Pau this.

Because there's been so little sun, we treasure it more when it's here and have already bravely ventured into the swimming pool - no point in waiting for a hot day.

Those in the know, nod their heads wisely and say it will be a cool summer, like last year, because there are "thirteen moons in the year".

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