Sunday, 8 June 2008

Reasons to be Cheerful

Just brought Tod's damp washing in because it's raining again. Wettest spring for years, if not centuries.

So, looking on the bright side ...

- the girly pink roses by the swimming pool are lasting for days

- the herbs I planted while Tod was in England three weeks ago have doubled in size

- at 22 degrees C the swimming pool is warmer than the surrounding air

- I have been in the swimming pool twice since we took the covers off

- I haven't needed to spend hours watering

- we did have a drought in January; we needed the rain and all the reservoirs are now full

- when we do get sun, we really appreciate it: we've had couple of evenings on the veranda and a day out to Mont-de-Marsan with lunch at a pavement cafe

- there was a day when I saw a white and black Swallowtail butterfly

- everywhere is lush and green

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