Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Rainy Day

Day three and it's still raining: steady downpour need the windscreen wipers on all the time type rain. People on Total France are posting about "how to build an ark". All our oil radiators are on and the washing is on a dryer in the lounge. South of France late May - ha!

Yesterday we went to M. Bricolage in Marmande - one of the less awful DIY stores - and bought some cheap and nasty wood shelving. Garden tools are supposed to be in the garage but they keep creeping round to a messy corner by the kitchen door. So the shelving (which needs assembling) is an acceptance of the inevitable - the gardening stuff will stay on the veranda.

When I was eight, we lived in an Edwardian house with a large veranda. It was bliss for my mother on wet weekends as my brother and I could still play outside. It had storage cupboards to investigate, old furniture to make into hideouts and a water-butt that we used to stir so we could see the mosquito larvae wriggling back up from the bottom.

Rainy day in France? Thick sweater on and I'm going out to play on the veranda.

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