Thursday, 13 March 2008

Signs of Spring

The buds on the Reine Claude plum (greengage) in our garden are slowly breaking open to reveal small white ragged petals.

Chris on Total France has posted that he has seen his first swallows and hoopoes.

The bundle of junk mail that always arrives with our Monday post (unless we have no post on Monday, when it arrives Tuesday) this week had two garden catalogues and two lawn mower catalogues. We can refuse to have them ("pas de pub" is on lots of post boxes) but it's good for learning new words. This week's new word - Pâques: Easter.

Clusters of small black ants have reappeared on the kitchen worktop. They like hiding under the electric kettle stand.

What we laughingly call "the lawn", better known as "the dandelion patch", needs mowing again after less than a week.

Big fat tick on Clara's head. In the UK I would have done nothing more than remove it. Here tick fever is serious. So tonight (reluctantly) I've given both dogs a dose of Frontline on the back of the neck.

In Marmande this evening, after dark, people were sitting at pavement cafés. Wrapped up puffa jackets, but still outside.

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